Total Software Professional (TSP)

Total Software Professional program tailor made for high-aptitude engineering graduates to be ‘application-ready’, and a day-one contributor to any technology project. The upside – client organizations do not have to spend precious time on retraining and re-skilling saving it significant costs and a huge value-added resource. As a flagship program of the Globsyn Software Finishing School System, TSP has earned an enviable reputation among the technology and student community alike for its quality, in-depth technology and management curriculum and a highly proficient faculty. Over 200 colleges have endorsed this program and 300+ global and domestic corporates have hired TSPs.

The key to the success of students undergoing the TSP program lies is in our molding and mentoring willing minds for challenging, fast-track global careers, not for any run-of-the-mill, routine ‘job’. Each and everyone of our students aspire and achieve for themselves careers that are challenging, professionally rewarding and with a very high degree of lateral movement. The hard work and focused learning environment puts our students, compared to their fellow compatriots without the TSP advantage, a league ahead – always!


The ‘Talent Transformation Engine (T2E)’ which is at the core of the ‘Knowledge Finishing School’ system, as a pedagogical style, has been conceptualized and developed to achieve, among others, the following major outcomes:

  • Optimum knowledge acquisition
  • Ability to apply knowledge in a live environment
  • All round holistic development of an individual mapped to critical ’employability’ skills
  • Performance orientation

The T2E PedagogyTM is based on the ‘Knowledge Diamond’TM. This pedagogy, teaches the individual the steps beyond acquisition of knowledge itself; the pedagogy stresses on the application of knowledge, its continuous management and ultimately performance.


The customized pedagogic approach creates ‘Industry Ready’ professionals, productive from virtually day one of their employment. The Knowledge Finishing School (KFS) systemTM approach can be summarized as follows:

  • Moderate the learning and knowledge acquisition process to ensure optimum knowledge retention and recall skills
  • Mentor students in the knowledge application process, on a consistent and continuous basis, while they are at any of the finishing schools
  • Help students develop essential work-skills and attributes, essential to holistically perform in a corporate environment
  • Help learners mould themselves as ‘performance’ oriented individuals.

Globsyn started work on the T2E started way back in 1997. The framework has over the years, undergone revisions keeping in tune with changing industry requirements.

The knowledge acquisition process itself, under the T2E has been derived based on research and uses ‘learner centric’ approaches to ensure creation of optimum learning environments where acquiring and absorbing knowledge is significantly higher than in the traditional classroom. The learning environment created under the T2E, more importantly, moves beyond, as explained earlier, the knowledge acquisition phase to the knowledge application and management spheres – the bulwark for ‘performance’ orientation in students.

The T2E uses diagnostic tools and assessment systems to track student levels and development over the entire learning life-cycle. The results from the assessment systems are fed to the R&D layer to constantly analyze and evolve the T2E framework.

Program Highlights:

Technology And Application Skills
  • Operating System Concepts
  • Programming Logic & Techniques
  • Linux
  • C & Data Structure
  • RDMS & Oracle 11g
  • SDLC
  • OOPS / .NET Framework 3.5 (C#, ASP.NET using C#)
  • HTML & OOPS JAVA Script
  • XML, Basic JAVA & Hibernate
  • JEE, UML
  • Project in JEE/DOT NET (Full Life Cycle)
  • Data Mining & Data Warehouse (Basic Concept)
  • Cloud Computing
Work Skills
  • Communication & Behavioral Skills
  • Aptitude: Quantitative Ability, Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning
  • Verbal Ability