Globsyn, has always pioneered changes in the education system as it strives to impart a global exposure to its students. Since its inception in 1997, Globsyn has implemented the Knowledge Finishing School system to equip its students with information and global management skills for the growing IT industry in India. Over the years significantly very large number of engineers have been exposed to this curriculum and are now working for some of the best domestic and international companies in India as well as abroad.

Globsyn Finishing School is an extension of Globsyn’s training programs for engineers and corporates. Globsyn understands the paradigm shift in the quality of professionals required by the industry today, and the need for engineers to keep abreast with all new technology skills and understand all facets of business. Globsyn Finishing School aspires to mould under-graduate engineers into successful knowledge workers in the IT industry.



Winter School 2018

Globsyn Winter School encourages engineering students to utilize their winter vacations by learning and developing their IT skills, gearing them for their future IT careers.

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GFS Programs

Summer School

Globsyn, Summer School began in 2004, in response to the demand for professionally driven technology program tracks…


MCA Major Project

Responding to the student fraternity’s demand, Globsyn Finishing School is happy to announce the launch of its Project Development and Training for the final semester MCA students…


Winter School

Held during the winter vacations, each program track is designed keeping in view the latest industry trends and needs…


BCA Major Project

Traditionally, the students visit various industries for their project guidance. Over the years, colleges and students have approached us to do the project at Globsyn…



Finishing School Technology Track or FSTT is a technology program offered by Globsyn Finishing School to college students at their campuses…



A tailor made program for high-aptitude engineering graduates to be ‘application-ready’, and a day-one contributor to any technology project…




18388 Students
157 Colleges
17 States

Student Testimonials

“I took part in several programs of Globsyn Finishing School. Needless to say, Globsyn is one of the best institutions for technical training programs. Their program is best suited for those who are seeking knowledge and are ready to ascertain their cognition. Personally, their friendly conduct impressed my mind immensely. Many many thanks to Globsyn!”

Amit Samanta, College of Engineering and Management, Kolaghat
Summer School 2018

“In the past, I had taken training from other institutes, but the quality of education, management and course content I experienced at Globsyn was phenomenal. With the help of numerous projects done at Globsyn, I managed to get multiple job offers.”

Aloke Raj, Summer School 2018

“I had done my industrial training at Globsyn, where I found the quality of education, management and course content to be outstanding! “

Subham Das Mahapatra , Summer School 2018

“I have already completed my three trainings at Globsyn, which had a perfect mix of course curriculum, fees structure, course duration and project implementation. I am very grateful to Globsyn for orchestrating the training programs so well.”

Debanjan Das, Summer School 2018

“The quality of education and management at Globsyn is the most outstanding factor among all the institutions I have ever known. I feel very lucky to have done a course from Globsyn.”

Monalisha, Summer School 2018
TIT, Agartala

“I completed my Summer training program on Big Data with Hadoop from Globsyn Finishing School and it was absolutely a brilliant experience. Our course instructor, Mr. Titas Roy Chowdhury, was extremely professional and highly qualified. He taught us the course with utmost diligence and I thoroughly enjoyed my learning experience under his guidance. Lastly, our project topics were very relevant in respect to modern day industry standards and for me personally, during my placement interviews, my project garnered a lot of positive attention from my interviewers. I would like to end by saying that Globsyn is a fantastic place to do your Summer Training.”

Bishal Ghosh, Summer School 2018
Sudhir Chandra Sur College

“It was a knowledge enriching experience at Globsyn. I think the program was totally worth the money. Everything starting from the preliminary classes, the assignments, the project, the presentation, the cooperation among the group members, and last but definitely not the least, our mentor Mr. Arnab Chakraborty taught me a lot of things which hopefully will remain with me for the rest of my life.”

Shankha Mandal – Summer School 2014

“It will make people more skillful as well as whoever will be doing any course in the Globsyn either summer training or winter training will be having a good knowledge about the practical world and will be going to the next level as far as I think.”

Kalpana Das – Summer School 2014

“It made us experienced and confident enough for the practical world while developing an e-commerce website through the interactions that we had with different students from different colleges and we made new friends, gained new experience and found something new in ourselves while doing the project.”

Saptarshi Sutradhar – Summer School 2014

“I liked everything. In one word it was awesome experience for me to do such a marvellous training at Globsyn. I had gathered too much knowledge about Java, which will definitely help me in future.”

Suchintan Chaudhuri – Summer School 2014

“I have learnt here how to act in corporate sector. I acquired knowledge how to start a project and execute it. It helped me to perform the task in team and all teaching method and ambience was organised.”

Kalyan Paul – Summer School 2014

“The professional approach towards training freshers is really commendable. I’d encourage Globsyn to keep this up!”

Ankit Chatterjee – Summer School 2014

“The program was overall good, I liked many things one of which is the way I learnt to behave or act in a corporate sector. How to work as a team, was one of them too.”

Avinash Kumar – Summer School 2013

“The working environment which we had fro the past 20 odd days was pretty much commendable and our faculty really gave us real boost that we needed to prepare ourselves for the industry.”

Subhendu Roy – Summer School 2013

“I enjoyed most of the things at Globsyn Summer School. I’ve got friends who’re doing courses in different institutes and I can see how unimpressed they are with their enrollment in those institutes. Globsyn stands out in this category. And the projects were so realistic, they could be improvised and start being used already! And finally the last and the least i can say to you – thank you Globsyn. “

Karen Sikhwal – Summer School 2013

“The process through which a student can excel in his skills through open communication and the pre assessment and the post assessment test is really what a student needs the most.”

Mainak Roy – Summer School 2013

“The structure of topics of teaching was very good. Each example was based on the flaw of previous example and thus i could imagine it pictorially in me head.”

Avinash Anand – Summer School 2013

“It was a great learning experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it throughout. The project was the best part and encouraged to explores more and more features of the software. Last and not the least, our trainer has motivated us throughout and has been the main reason why I really liked the program.”

Srishti Thakkar – Summer School 2013

“The way the trainer taught us was very good. The way he explained each and every topic of course content was awsome. I never got this type of faculty in whole B.Tech. I m very thankful to Globsyn for providing such kind of experienced faculty who shares each and every example as real time world example.”

Avinash Anand – Summer School 2013

“One of the best thing which I found in Globsyn is their trainer. Classes were good. Didn’t come to know how one month passed away and I got to learn so many things in just one month. And Mr. Sourav Maitra sir rocks.”

Md Mosaraf – Summer School 2013

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