Finishing School Technology Track (FSTT)

Finishing School Technology Track or FSTT is a technology program offered by Globsyn Finishing School to college students at their campuses. During this technology program, FSTT faculties visit campuses of interested colleges to train students in batches of at least 40 students. FSTT courses are offered at two levels, the Beginners Level and the Advance Level.

At beginner’s level, this technology program teaches the basics of a technology module for two to three weeks by following KFS system of pedagogy. Advance level is a three months long course, which is an abridged version of YSM. Pedagogy at this level is totally based on KFS system and evaluation is done as per YSM standards.

Program Highlights:

  • Training faculty accredited by global IT giants like IBM, CapGemini, CTS, Siemens, TCS, Tech-Mahindra, Wipro, R S Software etc.
  • In-depth theoretical grooming to build up developmental competency
  • The Project Report is recognized by WBUT as part of the Vocational Training mandate
  • Participation and project certificate for all successful candidates
  • Projects similar to real-life applications
  • Formal Project Evaluation by Technical panel

Following modules offered through FSTT

  • Application Development using C# in .Net
  • Application Development using Java 8
  • Web Based Enterprise Application Development using JEE 7
  • Linux Network Administration
  • Oracle PL/SQL Programming